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Do you remember in elementary when craft time consisted of making string telephone out of styrofoam cups? And with your friends, you would pretend to call each other up and talk through the cups as if you were actually talking on the phone. But nowadays, we have more advanced technology that allows us to keep in touch with our close friends. But at the same time though, in order to communicate, you kind of need two people. If there is no one on the other end, all you hear is silence.

At what point do you just give up? Yes, perhaps it is in their inherent personality to not take the first initiative to communicate with you, but isn’t friendship a two way street? What is a friendship that requires 90% effort from Team A but only 10% from Team B? As we grow up, our lives become bombarded with grown up things like studying, paying our bills, buying groceries, and having a job. But those things should not interfere with a friendship. Those are only excuses. If one truly valued a friendship, should one not put the time into it? It’s just like making time out for yourself amongst a busy schedule.

With this particular friend, I have always been the first person to communicate and initiate things. And we’ve been friends for a very long time. But there just comes a time when you start doubting the friendship because of what seems to be, a lack of reciprocation. But one day, I did text again. I did ask to hang out. You know what is worse than not having someone there on the other end? Having the person on the other end, listen/read your messages, but decides not to respond back.