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June is always a busy month. School is out for most of the kids. The official season of summer arrives. Father’s Day. Birthdays. Graduation…and for some, it is only the beginning of a long, long journey. Despite the bustling about of cars trying to find a decent parking spot and people in a crowded gymnasium, there’s something about convocation that is always so uplifting and motivating. It’s a reminder for those graduates that they made it. After all those cups of coffees or energy drinks, those countless hours of studying and lab report writing… after all the self doubt. The end is here. And it was not in vain. That every step of the way got them to where they are today. And it’s only just the beginning of something so big.

Two years ago, I was sitting in those chairs, waiting for my name to be called to walk the stage. And soon enough in November, I shall be doing the same routine again. It was nice to attend my friend’s convocation today. To see so many other graduates who have made it so far with their lives. To have the motivation to keep on trucking, despite all the highs and lows. The speeches were nice reminders to keep living the life of chasing after your dreams.  It’s okay to be scared of the unknown. But try not to let the fear encapsulate you. Don’t be afraid to take chances in chasing your dreams. Dream big. And don’t give up if you don’t first succeed at achieving your goals. Don’t forget to appreciate the small, little things in life. Take time to stop, and realize how far you have gone, and how much you have changed from all the experiences you have had.

I was in my friend’s car today, and a Glee song came on that I thought was so fitting for this emotion I was feeling. It’s called Roots Before Branches. Such a heart felt song! I hope you all enjoy it. Go out and enjoy the beautiful sunshine and take time to just relax and look around.

And… congratulations to all the new grads of 2012!