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I cannot believe that I must head up to Edmonton soon to do my oral defense and have my grad banquet! But for the past three weeks, I’ve literally been staying at home for the majority of the time. What have I been up to, you ask? Of course, I’ve been catching up on TV, but aside from the usual, I have finally chosen a color to paint my room! That project shall commence shortly (I hope). Another thing I have been doing at home is practicing my Chinese writing. I must say, I regret (somewhat) not finishing Chinese school, but my love for watching Chinese TV has motivated me to teach myself. I know how to read some words here and there, but as for writing, not so much. My dad laughs at me when I attempted to read out of the Chinese magazine because in between, there would be a lot of “something-something-something” So every night, I pull out the Chinese magazine, and learn how to write/read 5 new Chinese characters.

On another random note, I attempted to do another hairstyle, and it’s actually pretty nice. It stays in with hairspray so no need to worry about it falling apart. I just did a fish braid and then after, I tucked it in to one side and stuck it down with bobby pins. It’s nice to get the hair out of the way sometimes!