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If there is one thing I have learned throughout these 2 years of moving in and out of residence, it is this: I absolutely cannot begin to comprehend how to pack lightly. Things start to pile up, and well, it’s not until I start truly cleaning things out, do I realize that throughout the months, I’ve collected -this- much. And most of it is really kind of just useless. These past few days have been filled with me trying to clean out my room, since I just finished painting my room! And then there was packing. Packing for my final  (rural) placement for my school career!! Of course, I made a list, checked it twice, and figured out what essentials I truly needed for my 6 week stay in Red Deer. Well, let’s just say, one item on the list, led to another, which then led to another… well, after a while, I had 3 boxes + other stuff in my living room, waiting to be put into the car. Yup… I think mastering the art of ‘light packing’ will definitely take a couple of tries. Let’s hope I perfect it before I decide to go backpacking in Europe! Ah, and also the skill of reading a map…