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I must admit first of all, that I was never a book worm. I still don’t consider myself one actually. But occasionally, I do get the moments where I decide to buy a bunch of books and attempt to read them. And when this happens, it’s usually with more than one book. I was reading Hunger Games trilogy, while reading Left Neglected, and The New Chimpanzee. I can say I finished 2 of the 3 listed. I just finished Left Neglected today, which I started a long time back when final semester of school started. And let me say, this book leaves you not only inspired, but also knowledgeable. Knowledgeable in the medical condition of having left neglect (I didn’t realize the pun on words until after a couple chapters in). And how fitting that it talks about her receiving occupational therapy treatment! The author weaves the perfect balance of science into the lives of the characters and let’s you experience and understand what it truly is like to have that medical condition. What novel(s) has/have inspired you?

Currently, I’m reading Volume I of Sherlock Holmes, but when I do have another mini spurt of buying books online, I am definitely not going to miss an opportunity to grab Still Alice, which talks about a woman in her 50’s being diagnosed with Alzheimers. I cannot wait!