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I think that over these past few days, I have learned that (surprisingly) I may be too nice. Too nice to the point where people may start questioning my intentions. If you send a text my way, I cannot help but answer it when I first see it. Whether that be a minute from the time you sent it (since my phone was beside me) or whether that was 2 hours ago. I will respond. My response time does -not- reflect my interest level. If you send me a message or a text, I will feel bad if I was not the last person responding.

Is there not such a thing where a guy and a girl can simply ‘hang out’ without making it a ‘date’? (whatever that consists of anyways). Whose ‘job’ is it to keep things in line? Some people say that “oh the girl was totally giving signals to liking the guy because a.) she went out with him alone b.) She laughed c.) She’s nice to him and d.) she texts back”. But really, how is that any different than hanging out with other people? What if it was the guy that misinterpreted ‘those signals’? Would it then be the girl’s ‘responsibility’ to clear the air of one such misinterpretation? What’s your opinion?