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I cannot believe that it has been a while since my last food blog! But behold… the ultimate sweet tooth dessert… the Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova!  Last time we baked a lemon meringue pie, and so this one was a breeze. Okay, well maybe not. We had our moments, such as not knowing if my friend’s oven was in Ferinheight or Celsius… (and yes, we have baked several times before this)… and how to read the scale at the grocery store so that we could get 50 g of chocolate. And this is the exact reason why I love baking with friends.

This was the recipe that we used for it. With 3 simple steps, it is almost fool proof! I would suggest just holding off on a little of the sugar just because you also add in chocolate and cocoa powder! The surface was nice and crisp while the inside was still melting with chocolate. The best part was decorating this beauty. The finely graded chocolate on top of the carefully placed raspberries and gently sieved cocoa powder… ahhh… perfection. Somehow the misplaced odd cracks in the pavlova just made it that much prettier. So delicate and yet so delicious.

Unfortunately, my I will not get another chance to bake with my partner in crime until she comes back in December! But until then, I will continue searching for some amazing recipes that we can attempt for next time =). Happy eating!