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Today was good in the sense that I was able to catch up with two of my friends who I have not seen in a very very long time. The first one was planned. The second one, well, it was definitely a surprise. As my friend and I were taking the train to go for lunch, I bumped into one of my best friends on the train. I told her I had been trying to text her but I never got a reply. She exclaimed that she had done the same. And somehow, despite the fact that we both have BBM, we never tried to BBM one another (yeah, silly us). Anyways, she had BBMed me after work, and nagged me into going to Zumba since she would be going as well. I must say, after placement, I have definitely been the lazy couch potato not wanting to exercise, but I must admit, I was in quite a zumba-withdrawal.

I’m very glad I went because not only did I fit in an amazing session of Zumba, but we had some quality catch up time afterwards while sipping on $1 iced coffee at McDonalds. It’s funny how some things just never change between friends. I had my silly moments, she had hers, and we just sat there, laughing, and catching up. We weren’t quite on the same frequency as we always were when we were constantly hanging out, but it still was pretty good. I forgot how I missed talking to her. And once I started talking to her, we started to reminisce about the past… about future plans (which we must fulfill!!)… and just about how silly we can still be while talking to one another.