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I must say that it was a big decision for me to actually ‘move’ up to Red Deer to take a casual (temporary) full-time position at the hospital. It was hard after being at home for 3-4 weeks doing nothing, to come up again to Red Deer where I know absolutely no one. Except for maybe one or two people. It’s hard to get up in the mornings when the sun is still hiding and it’s getting colder each morning =(. But here I am, finally making money, and if it meant that I got my foot in the door, then I guess this is worth it. Despite the fact that I’m now “internal”, I still have not heard back (unfortunately) from the jobs that I have applied to a week ago. It’s a little frustrating because the only thing I can really think of is just going back home to work. Work wouldn’t seem so tedious if I was back at home because at least I could do something after work. Like hang out with people I know. Rather than now, where I get my dose of exercise walking to/from the hospital and that’s it. What a life.

I was talking to my co-worker (who was my last preceptor) and she said “STEPH. Do you really want to go back to Calgary?!” and I got super excited at first because I thought she had found a position for me. But she later explained how there would soon be an opening at Unit 35 in the hospital, which is the rehab department (primarily dealing with strokes). She said I would be a great candidate for it (believe it or not) and that I should apply for the full time permanent position. And there’s the dilemma. This would mean a great opportunity for me to actually learn some -treatment- rather than more assessments. I really am intrigued by stroke, and it would be a great learning opportunity for me. But yet… it’s not the same. It’s not home. But then again, it’s not like I’m even going to 100% get the position if I apply. So should I take that leap and just apply for it? Ah, decisions.