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I must say that this morning, I wasn’t the happiest camper in the world. I was cold, tired, and it definitely didn’t help that with every morning, the sun comes up later and later, making it harder for me to get out of bed to get the ball rolling. It helped that it was Thursday today, but still. I had to face another day at work (which wasn’t too hectic) but the thought of working while I was a little bummed out didn’t excite me all too much.

I was eating breakfast and I got a text, which made me a little bit better as I went to bed upset. The walk to the hospital cleared my mind a little (with the wind of course), and off I went to start my day at work.

I currently am working with this one patient who is absolutely amazing to work with. He’s the perfect person to work with because he presents as a stroke, but isn’t. He’s a lovely man. He keeps joking and telling me, “If you get this arm moving, I’ll give you an ipad.” and I would always say “okay, you better hold your word to it. Just kidding” and he would always go “Well I’m not.” He loves to golf and this summer, I happened to pick up golfing (just the driving range), and so we had a bit of a discussion around that. Who ever knew that I, of all people, would like to go the driving range. And on top of that, be able to use it as a conversation throughout the treatment session. Anyways, I was joking with him today about how we should look out the window because it was the perfect day to go golf. He looks out the window and goes “Ah, shut up” and gives me a fake punch. I went back to his room and he had a basket of edible arrangements and told me to grab one. So I had a chocolate covered strawberry. It was delicious. Is it bad to say that I’m sad to see him going to rehab on a different unit?

Then there was this other lady who I had assessed a couple days earlier, and let me say, she wasn’t the happiest lady. She was quite abrupt with me so I was hesitant to do anything with her. But of course, professionally, I should. And so I went into her room, and I was happily surprised to see that she was smiling when I greeted her and she was agreeable to seeing me today. At first I thought she was going to use her affected arm to punch or grab my face, but I think she was playing with me. When I left the room, she said “okay, thank you sweetie.”

Before the day ended, a lady came up to us (she was the wife of a patient we have been seeing) and says, “you ladies are always so cheerful” as she was walking out the door.

On top of that, I got a delicious brownie for saying a blurb about what Occupational Therapists do in Acute Care Stroke =). And not to mention that tomorrow will be Friday!!

So how about you? What were the little things that went on today that made you smile?