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In everything we do, we are constantly seeking for something. Good grades… that person to call your ‘one best friend’… happiness in life… a pat on the back… that ‘special someone’ to spend the rest of your life with. The list goes on. It’s interesting how some people can use something (or someone) to be a means to an end. It’s interesting how some people are so immersed, for example, in the thought of being in a relationship to the point of where any girl/guy could complete the equation. Isn’t the whole point finding that special someone, rather than just finding that person so that you could simply change your status to “in a relationship”? Perhaps it’s the external validation of being in a relationship that makes them seek for it. Who ever said love can’t be selfish?

Then there’s the typical question of “would you rather do a job that you loved but had a low salary OR do a job that you didn’t like all that much, but get paid really well and with it, comes title and power”? I guess you really have to know what you want, and know who you are to answer that question. We are all seeking for different things in life… but I guess it’s more of how you’re getting about to successfully reaching the end which makes a difference.

Anyways, those are just my random thoughts for tonight.