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At this moment in life, there are so many things I am Thankful for. First of all, what amazing weather for the long weekend! I ended up leaving 45 minutes early from work to catch the earlier bus to Calgary and made it on time for 6 to have sushi =D. Let’s just say for the 3 of us (and a $50 coupon), we racked up a bill costing $106.00. Then my friend introduced us to “Dominion” which is a pretty neat game actually.

On Saturday we had our family Thanksgiving dinner. This year we had ham instead of turkey, but hey I’m not complaining. It was still delicious as ever. Sunday I went to a concert with my mom. I’m not gonna lie, I grew up listening to him since my mom would always play his songs on repeat in the car while I was a child. So it’s pretty old haha, but it brought back good memories.

A year or two ago I had started ‘A Thousand Gifts’ and unfortunately, I am no where near making the list to 1000, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t try to add a few things to it every day. But as of this moment, there are definitely some things I can put down on this blog. So ready? Here’s just a few things:

I am thankful for…

  • finishing my 2 year degree
  • being able to work casual full-time at my very last placement and not having to worry about finding a job right after (still in the process of finding a job in Calgary, but at least I am working now).
  • him. Out of no where, I met such an amazing guy and here we are. =) He’s great at being himself and I am thankful to have met him.
  • being able to come home and gather around the dinner table with my family eating delicious food.
  • my friends that make me laugh and smile and make the days go by so much easier in Red Deer.
  • knowing that my mom is okay.
  • being able to wake up every morning and while walking to work, be reminded of how absolutely amazing God is. The clouds, the sunrise, the cool breeze hitting my face… they’re all just reminders of how blessed I am.
  • being invited to have dinner with Linda (who I live with at the moment in Red Deer)…. it reminds me that I’m not so lonely in this place.

Unfortunately this long weekend is over and here I am, back in Red Deer. But 4 more days until it’s Friday =). And 5 more days until I can zumba again! I am so zumba deprived!!! Anyways, hope everyone had a spectacular long weekend filled with stuffing your belly with food and laughter around the dinner table =)