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These few weeks have been quite hectic. Work has been tiring. And on top of work, I would have to come home to ‘attempt to study’ for the national OT exam. Thank goodness that was finished last Saturday. I must say, it could have gone either way; hopefully, they scale it so that I pass. On the other hand, you know winter is here when there’s 10 cm of snow piled outside. It’s quite serene and peaceful… when you’re looking from the inside out. I don’t mind walking in the mornings to work when it’s freshly fallen snow from the night before and everything is still. No wind. No cars. Nothing but me and the sparkling snow.

Today I had an interview at Rockyview Hospital. I completed my first OT interview! I was kind of nervous, but hey, I did it. Either way, I’m pretty proud of myself. If I get it, then I get to move back to Calgary. If I don’t, I’ll take it as an experience and carry on.

Despite the snow and the -17 weather, my friend and I made a visit to our favorite dessert place. Yann’s. I decided to treat myself with a -couple- of macarons, since well, I thought I deserved it. So I got.. well… a dozen. I gotta try all of them! Yeah, you guys probably have realized that I’m just a little obsessed with macarons. =). Even looking at this picture makes me *drool*.