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So lately I’ve been harping on a certain someone that we should probably make dinner at home more often; so on Saturday night, we decided to make vietnamese salad rolls! It’s simple and pretty fun to make. All you need is:

  • Rice vermicelli (cooked until it’s nice and soft)
  • Basil/mint (optional)
  • Meat of your choice (shrimp or shredded pork, or vietnamese pork/ham)
  • Hoisin sauce (or alternatively, fish sauce)
  • Rice paper (you can buy it at Superstore as a pack)
  • Hot water

All you need to do is soak the rice paper in hot water for a couple seconds and then put it on a plate to dry a little. Then you simply put all the vermicelli, basil, and meat together and roll it up! And ta da- there you go. A quick but healthy dinner! =) Next on my list? Chicken and sausage jambalaya!