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Despite the cold weather and little particles of snow falling from the sky, we made it safely to and from convocation. With hard work and determination, I made it. We made it. I always thought that the ‘finish line’ was successfully completing my two year Masters Degree program in Occupational Therapy. But I realized something… it never just ends there. So many people just think of crossing the finish line, but forgetting to imagine about what life can bring beyond that one single point. There’s so much more waiting ahead. For example, even though we had finished our last and final placement, there have been so many things that have happened already like: getting a casual position back at the hospital, writing my national OT exam, applying for jobs, getting my first OT interview, getting the job I got interviewed for, walking across the stage… and the list goes on. And this has just been within these last two months. Imagine what you’re going to achieve in the next years to come. Thank you, God for letting all the pieces fall into place, ever so smoothly. That no matter what happened, I knew that everything would be in His control.

Never be afraid to dream big. But never neglect the small little things in life either. Take time out of your busy day to reflect back on the ‘little’ achievements, and you’ll realize how much you’re growing every single second of the day. If you ask me what my ‘aspirations’ are… it’s simply this: That I want to help people. To make people smile. And if I can do that throughout the day, then I’ve done something to change the world. That’s it. And this one line during the convocation speech really spoke to me, “If not you, then who?” Never underestimate what you can offer to other people, even if it is a small little act, whether it’s holding the door on your way out, saying ‘good morning’ to someone you walk by, or simply giving a smile. 

As life has its ups, it also has its downs. A picture says a thousand words. And I truly think that a picture is a snapshot in time… a time in life where despite how much turmoil may be encompassing you… that one snapshot is that one moment in life where everything lies still… and none of that turmoil matters. But in this picture.. you know that the little girl has been crying. The fragile smile she directs towards the camera as she tries to take a nice picture with her mom and brother… but deep inside, she probably knows. He probably knows. And yet, they still smile. Perhaps the last picture they may have together… but one of the many many memories that will always be treasured. RIP… You will always be remembered. And I have a feeling that your kids will make you pride.