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I have yet to be hit by the fact that Christmas is almost two weeks shy of arriving. Perhaps it hasn’t fully hit me yet, because this will be officially the first year of Christmas where I am not side-tracked by having to study for exams. But at the same time, I miss the fact that when you’re in school, you officially get weeks off for the Christmas break. When you work, you just get those 2 days off. And to top things off, this week Christmas and Boxing day lands on a T/W so we have to work M. Speaking of which, I just recently started my new job back in my home town. It’s nice to be back living at home for good, but at the same time, work is tiring and it’s almost like I’m a student again on placement. I practically sleep at 8:30 every night, which makes me wonder how people can amazingly have a social life after the hours of work. For me, I can barely keep my eyes open until 8, let alone trying to expend energy to socialize. It’s tough work I tell you to have such a balanced lifestyle. Why do weekends have to be so short?!