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When it comes to zero tolerance, I think one of the biggest ones for me is having manners. I absolutely cannot stand people who clearly work in the business side of things and have to deal with customers… yet they come off as rude and impolite. But at the same time, customers should appreciate and be polite to customer representatives as well. It’s a two way street. But again… evolution must have deemed ‘tit-for-tat’ as an appropriate strategy.

Take yesterday for an instance. We were at Jamesons for wings night, and although the waitress came fairly quickly (I would say), she was very abrupt in asking “what did you want to drink” not a “hi, how are you” or “hi, what can I get for you guys”. And when I ordered, I was ordering for all of us, but when I paused to think, she immediately went on to the other person and said, “What about you?”. Then to top it off, when we had finished our 50 wings, she had come up to us and said something along the lines of “Shall I get you the bill?” when really, we were going to order another 10 wings. I just found her very abrupt and to the point. Which, I guess, sometimes, could be a good thing. But maybe not for me.

Then today, I had just gotten out of the hospital and I noticed that the bus was there (probably waiting for a couple minutes there already). It had decided to just leave the bus stop when she had noticed me, but by then, I had stopped trying to walk to the bus, anticipating to catch the next one. I had noticed her expression, and she had put her hands up and her expression pretty much was “well hurry up!!!!!”. And if you know me, I’m not a slow walker.

Let me just say this when it comes to me encountering these people: tit for tat. I’m bad for it… and I can’t honestly help it. Okay, with some determination and mindfulness, I probably could. But it’s more out of pure stubbornness that I wish not to. And it probably makes me rude as well… but in the moment, that’s probably not the first thing that crossed my mind. Maybe I should make that as a goal. Hrm.