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One great thing about growing up is when you’re finally done the x number of years of school. And finally being able to get paid!!! It’s such a great feeling to finally earn your own money, but soon realizing that it is indeed much easier to spend it all than to earn it. But with that great feeling of excitement comes the big reality check- having to pay loans. If you’re like me and you have absolutely no clue in the department of finances, it can be just a little frustrating. I’ve been holding off on really trying to figure this stuff out, because truthfully, it gives me a headache. Not only does it involve numbers, but it involves me having to do math to figure things out. (Despite graduating from University, you’re talking to a girl who still uses her fingers to add up numbers. Yup. The good ‘ol fashion way). And after working for 8 hours, this is the last thing I want to deal with once I come home. But finally, I decided that maybe I should figure this all out so that in the new year, I can be right on top of things. Since well, one of my new years resolution is to save up money and spend less (ha, wishful thinking).

Because I like to be organized, I decided to make a list to give me the illusion that I have everything under control. I just feel that every time I get a paycheque.. it only goes towards paying off my loan, and to eating out… but then none goes towards my savings. Am I just the only one that has that feeling?! Why is it so difficult to save money?! Yup, I definitely need to start somewhere.