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At the end of the day, we as human beings are all hypocritical. You say one thing, but do another. You judge people on what they should/shouldn’t do or say, yet, you turn around the corner and do the exact same thing. But yet, do we ever stop to think about that? No. Instead, we would rather continue on our little path of being judgmental little human beings. It’s ironic how you may want society to change its ways in turns of things like what derogative words to avoid, or how you should not stigmatize these people, but how about changing yourself first? Is it harder to change others or reflect upon yourself and ask YOURSELF how you could help to change the world, even if it is one step at a time? Why spend so much time ranting and judging others about what they shouldn’t be doing, when you could spend that much time to do something productive? Yes, you might not be able to change the world in a dramatic way, but doesn’t every little step count towards that?

How can you weight two things of different properties together and judge them as black and white? For example, how can you judge having a mental issue against someone who has lost their job? How can you say that one thing is easier to admit to than the other? Nothing is black and white. If you judge two things of different values together at the same level, you are degrading it’s personal experience of it all. To say that a person who admits to having a mental illness comes easier than someone who had an abortion is absurd. You are completely defacing the personal impact and experience that that circumstance had on that person. Who are you to say that one was easier than the other, when you yourself have not even been in their shoes for one second, let alone their entire experience with that? Who are you to say what they can or cannot feel?

What about billboard ads or commercials on TV? What kind of messages are they trying to evoke about society? Is it not ironic that people fight for equality against sexes, yet it’s “okay” to just watch these commercials, which clearly distinguish the exact cause of what you judge people for?

Yup. At the end of the day, we all can be narrow minded and driven in how we want to perceive and see things. It’s one thing to discuss it, but it’s another to force your opinions on another and trying to prove a point. YOUR point. Perhaps that is the exact reason why things are never changing. We are adamant in our ways, as we think that it’s the “right” way. It’s unfortunate because despite the fact that some people may have brilliant ideas and articulate opinions, it just goes around in a circle because no one is willing to listen and accept difference of opinions. Instead, we’re still too focused on “this is what I think” and “That’s not what I said” and here’s an article to back up my point. That’s why we went to school right? To think critically and analyze everything? Oui oui.

Last point: The irony of it all is when you blame the reason why you’re hot headed on the fact that you have your period. Is that not stigmatizing and stereotypical in itself?