In school, they teach you things that would probably occur in the “ideal” setting for all circumstances. But ever since I have started working, the sad realities of the world have started to surface. It is quite noticeable especially when finances are constrained.

I never thought I would be one for the business world…. The need to have to make socializing a part of my job/career…. The idea of having to sit at my desk for 8 hours a day or having to make presentations in front of a crowd of coworkers. Instead, I took the road of a health care professional. But it boggles me that there is so much of a difference. I can’t wrap my head around the idea that while health care is struggling to make ends meet with finances, there’s big companies out there that personally fly their workers on business class half way across the world to attend an orientation for a few days here and there.

And within the health care world, there is the discrepancy between front line staff and managers. And then there’s the concept that every visit you have with the doctor is however many dollars billed to them. Regardless of whether its a quick in and out or having a physical, every patient that comes through that door means more $. The fact that I can’t accept is that you have to go in again to get your results for tests, regardless of whether its normal or abnormal. Hearing the reassuring words of “everything came back normal” costs you the big bucks out of our health care system. When budget is tight, of course the only solution they find is to fire people. It’s ironic how they plan to fire the front line staff who provide direct patient care contact whilst they still pay the big bucks to higher level staff.

Regardless, life goes on, but its just one of the many sad realities of life that we will always be facing in this world.