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The beautiful beach at Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

The beautiful beach at Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

For the first time in my life, I have finally been able to afford (and enjoy) my own vacation. One that I earned.And the first real vacation with my friends.  And let me tell you, it has never felt so good. I can appreciate the need to have vacation time… the few rare days to just drop (most) of your “normal” life to escape into the life of bliss. Even if it’s just for a couple of days. I think one thing that I have learned throughout the very short months of working is that work life balance is a huge factor that plays a role in your mental health. There’s all the time in the world to work and earn money, but sadly when you get so busy with life, you never have time to actually use the hard earned money to enjoy the things in life you once wanted to do. The irony. But my life goal is just that. To travel and explore and do the things that scare me once in a while. And so I decided to begin my journey to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

Let me tell you that no matter how many pictures you google or see on TV about the beaches, it cannot compare to being in the presence of it. The beauty of how the water can sparkle and be all different shades of blue and green… of how peaceful and serene the sounds are when the waves hit the beach shore and suddenly everything goes calm again. It’s amazing how what you once worried about in life can simply go away with just staring out at the vast blue sky and the never ending ocean.

Despite the fact that our flight was at 7 in the morning on a Sunday, it did not deter my excitement from escaping the realities of life for 5 days. The plane ride there was smooth sailing and I was glad to say goodbye to snow and say hello to 30 degree weather and bright sunshine. Although the car ride was an hour from cancun to the resort, I didn’t mind so much. The all inclusive resort definitely was a new experience for me. I rather enjoyed and got used to simply walking into the restaurants, eating, and then walking out without the trouble of having to wait for service and paying at the end. WIth only a short 5 minute walk, we were able to bask in the glory of the beach. And that’s exactly what we did on our first full day. However, we came back with red faces and bodies as I soon learned that we should not cheap out on reapplying sunscreen constantly and having aftersun lotion like aloe vera. I looked like Rudolph the rednose reindeer. The surprising part of it all was that the redness surfaced itself in blotches. I think in that moment in time, the prospect of potentially going back to a pile of snow didn’t seem like such a bad idea. All i wanted was to relieve the pain from the sunburn.

The next day was finally a day where I could really put the motto of “do something that scares you” to action. The day was perfect for parasailing in the morning. We did it in doubles/pairs, but i think next time I definitely would be willing to do it by myself. The view from high up was just amazing. No words can describe it. To my surprise, the take off and landing were effortless. For us at least. I can’t say for the people operating it though. Anyways, it’s definitely I would encourage any of you to do if you guys are going out to the beach. It just takes the experience to a whole new level. The rest of the morning was spent in the water kayaking across the water. Yet another chance to just enjoy the presence of floating in the water without any worries in my mind.

A good thing about all the inclusive resorts is that there are endless possibilities of your groups and adventures for you to seek out. We finally decided to do “jungle maya” in Tulum. We first began our day having a guided tour at one of the Mayan ruins which paired very nicely with having the opportunity to enjoy yet another beautiful inlet/beach. We then went swimming in the cave and rappelling down it. I think the scariest part of that was just the initial part of being pushed down after being strung. But from there on, it wasn’t so bad since you were looking up and going down towards the cave. It was then followed by zip lining where the 3rd and last line ended with going into the water. What better way to spend a hot day in the water? Snorkelling was up next and unfortunately I had to take off my glasses, which didn’t allow for me to truly experience the full beauty of it all in the deep and dark caves. The funny part was that because of my poor eyes and my head being in the water, I nearly bumped into rocks in the cave… several times. Because of that, my friend was able to spot me out of the group and tried to pull be back into the group. I didn’t realize how deep the water in the caves could get… to imagine the idea of scuba diving into the crevices and explore it kind of scares me. The final activity was riding in the 4×4. It reminded me a little of being in a Jurassic park movie. Overall, the excursion was definitely worth trying out because we can’t ever get this experience here in Calgary. It’s nice to do something from the ordinary and kind of expand your level of comfort.

On the last day, we made time to squeeze some beach time in before leaving. I videotaped the ocean so every time I feel stressed, I can always go back to the memory of this. 5 days sure go by fast when you’re kind of in a world of bliss and serenity. HOwever, this is just the beginning of many amazing adventures in my life. I’m pretty excited to see where I’ll end up next. How about you? Where is your next vacation?