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They always say the little things are the things that count. A simple smile. Opening the door for someone who has their hands tied up with groceries. That “good morning” at the beginning of the day.

Although I’ve only been in the working world for half a year, I truly hold this to heart. I remember one morning, one of my colleagues had mentioned that there was this one patient that we worked with, and she said she would always enjoy working with me because I always had a smile on my face. That really brought a smile to my face, because it was nice to know that something small like that (which I had not consciously realized) made such an impact to someone.

The one part that I rarely get to see is the discharge end of things when I’m at work. The part where people pack up their bags and finally step out through that door and into their car. But this week, I was able to witness that. I must admit, I was a bit anxious because well, as a ‘teacher’, you would really hope that your students would take away something that you taught them. And for me… witnessing the car transfer was definitely the first step to that because we had talked about the technique that same day. And for me to see them successfully get into the car.. truly brought a smile to my face. The husband after had come up to me and said, “see, you are a great teacher.”


It’s amazing how interconnected we are as humans… how human interactions can affect the way we feel and think sometimes. In good and/or bad ways. It’s always easy to get caught up in your busy life, but sometimes we just need to stop and think about the little things that we do throughout the day. Regardless of what you do, who you come across, your actions will always have a ripple effect. You never know how many lives you’ll touch without even knowing it, whether you deliberately mean to or not. Which is the beauty of it all =].