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Louis Vuitton purse: $5,000; Clothes from Holt Renfrew: $3,000; High heel shoes: $200; Ring on finger: $2,000. Total price head to toe: $10,200.

Sweat pants: $20.00; Handbag: $30.00; Regular flats: $45.00 Hair done up in a messy bun. Total price head to toe: $95.00

Is this not the reality of what most people think when someone walks through that door? Is it not immediately that we have the innate tendency to judge people by their looks or by what accessories are attached to them? It is pretty much the case when you walk into a car dealership, that’s for sure. If those two ladies were to walk into a high end car dealership, which one would probably get the better end of the service? Which one do you think would be looked down upon?

Why must people get judged on such superficial things? Does it not mean anything to have a nice personality nowadays?… Instead, you’re ‘worth’ is purely based on the assets that you have on your body. Too often do people take you literally for face value. The harsh realities of life. But one that you do not have to give into. Why not express yourself in a way that makes you comfortable, instead of falling in the pits of millions of people who strive to fit into that “perfect mold”? Does it mean that much to look good in other peoples’ eyes?