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It’s the random, small acts of kindness which always make me stop and smile. It’s these small little acts that restore my faith in humanity and that there are in fact people out there who truly do care about others without the prospect of getting something in return. I know that when I’m having a lousy day, it’s these small things that make my day again.

Kelvin and I had always bought our movie tickets as a bundle at Costco- two general adult admissions plus a bag of popcorn and two large fountain drinks. If anyone knows me well enough, they know that I absolutely have the worst bladder ever. I remember watching Star Trek in theatres, and within probably ten minutes, I had to use the bathroom again (after having -just- used it right before the movie started). So this previous movie visit, we decided to just share a drink amongst the two of us and give the other drink away to the person in front of us.

Recently on the news, there was a man who just walked into a Tim Hortons, paid for his coffee, and paid for the next $500 dollars worth of coffee. This happened once in Edmonton, and then in Calgary.

They come large or small… but don’t ever doubt that your act of kindness is not appreciated. It may be subtle.. but at times, these ones are the ones that people will always recall when they’re having a bad day… because I am one of those people. The small gesture of holding the elevator open while someone has their hands full of groceries… or whether it’s saying “good morning” to a stranger… never neglect how your actions (big or small) could have a [positive] effect on someone… =]. What’s your random act of kindness for today?