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it’s smiling!

ImageSince last summer, our baking adventures were put on a bit of a hiatus. But right when I heard my friend was back in town, the first thing we did was to brainstorm what our next delicious adventure should be! And so today’s feature is: Chocolate covered strawberry cupcakes! I got the recipe off of this website which was amazing! It cheats a little in the sense that you use cake mix, but no one could tell the difference! The cupcake itself was so soft and light, which paired delectably with the chocolate cream cheese frosting on top of it. I would definitely recommend this tasty little recipe if you are in a cupcake mood (or if you just have a sweet tooth like me). Enjoy! 🙂 Unfortunately, I don’t think our next baking adventure/get together will be until Christmas, but we’ll definitely keep on looking for new and exciting new recipes to try!