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I was never one to pick up a novel and make it as a leisure activity during my free time. Amongst the textbooks and papers I had to read and write throughout my student ‘career’, the last thing I really wanted was to read some more. Probably between my University days/years, the number of leisure books/novels I read could have easily been counted with one hand.

However, after entering the world of reality, I found myself entranced in several novels that brought to light many different emotions, some of which I never thought I would feel by reading words on a page… It was almost my medium to escape reality, if just for that one hour during lunch.

The most recent book I finished was Broken Wings by Carla Stewart. It’s a compelling story that brings two women, a woman whose husband is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and a woman whose fiancee is controlling/physically abusive,  together through a mere incident. The novel interchanges perspectives between these two female characters for each chapter, delving into their lives currently in the present and of the past.

As a health care professional working in the hospital, this book was intriguing because it gives a life and a story to a man who’s facing Alzheimer’s. The man, who is now in the latter stages of the condition, is seen as one who is withdrawn and aloof. But through the eyes of his wife, she paints a picture of the man he was many years ago, and the love story that is shared between the two.

As the story unfolds, you realize that the two women, who may be very different in age, have more in common than at first glance. It’s as if you are one of the people that the older woman is telling her life story to… and you can’t help but continue flipping through the pages, in wonder of how her life events unfolded as she goes down memory lane.

I guess this book really brought things back into perspective and it’s ironic, because well, the next blog that I wanted to write about was about the art of aging and the stories that go along with it. But that will be for another day.

I think so far this summer, I’ve read more books than I have in the past few years. Now, onto my next book adventure! Happy reading everyone =)

P.S. If anyone has recommendations of any good reads, please feel free to drop a line!