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A hang out with a friend at TD mall ended up with us staying at the Olive and Vinegar store for probably an hour. Although the store has been there for a good while now, it was only today that I first made my way into that store. If you’re a fan of olive oil and/or balsamic vinegar, this is the place for you- with a wide variety to choose from (and a delectable range of samples), this definitely was an eye opener. The guy who worked there was amazing… he showed us how to mix and match that would go lovely on a salad or pasta. At the end, I walked out with a bottle of fig balsamic vinegar! But don’t worry… I shall be back to pair it with a lovely olive oil next time.

Knowing me, of course I needed to use my newly bought ingredient as part of my dinner recipe. Off we went to buy some steak and mushrooms, and let’s just say, it works well as a marinade and as a drizzle!! It’s definitely worth a trip to the store if you are up to trying a bunch of different samples and mixing things up just a bit.

Who ever knew there could be so many possibilities!