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Happy Thanksgiving! What a gorgeous long weekend to just relax and enjoy the beautiful sunshine (before the snow comes!). It was my first year making the turkey, and I must say, it was pretty good. But there’s definitely room for improvement.

Grassi Lake

Grassi Lake

We went for a hike today and the view was stunning! It was definitely worth the trip up to see the beautiful scenery. It’s amazing to call this my ‘backyard’ where I’m surrounded by mighty mountains and serene water. It just takes my breath away every time we drive by.

There are so many things that I take for granted when I don’t take those couple of seconds to just stop and think. It’s rather peaceful. For all those app lovers, I actually did find an app to help me with it. It’s ‘Gratitude365’ that lets me track down a ‘gratitude’ a day along and you get to capture it with a picture as well. It only takes a minute to just reflect on all the small things throughout your day that made a difference, albeit small. But they eventually add up to something big. And that’s the thing that everyone always loses focus on.

Although one year has come and gone, there have been many things that have changed since last Thanksgiving. And as long as time keeps ticking, things keep changing. The one thing that never changes is the uncertainty of life. But I like to just take some time and enjoy the view of what I have in this moment. If not just for a while. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! =)