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Today was a pretty low key weekend, just like any other. Nothing really out of the ordinary. Except for the weather maybe. Its towards the end of October and yet the sun decided to pay us a nice visit before the snow hits us tomorrow. My mom and I went out for a nice little walk in the morning before heading off to eat lunch and buy groceries. Typical weekend-task stuff. The sunset was also amazing- the sky filling up with beautiful warm colors of pink, purple and blue. I couldn’t really ask for anything more.

It’s unfortunate that I had to learn through Facebook that someone I knew had passed away… When I went into work this past week, I had seen his family and my godmother and wondered why he came in (actually to my unit). Pneumonia. And when elderly people get it, it’s not a pretty sign. He eventually got transferred to ICU that same day I saw them. My mom went to see him on Friday after work, and she said that he looked just like grandpa when he went into the hospital (also with pneumonia). That in itself didn’t sound very promising.  He was just like my grandpa- He was able to walk without any aids and was often out and about on a good day… Unfortunately, he passed away today. I will always remember when we gathered together with family friends, he would always be holding onto that microphone and singing his English songs (he primarily speaks Cantonese).


As I enjoyed the beautiful warm sun shining down on us and having a relaxing Saturday, his family was probably huddled around the room. Probably making calls and thinking of the ‘what if’ scenarios that could happen in the next few hours/days. It’s hard to imagine that these things happen every day. Someone losing a loved one. And yet at the exact same time, others are celebrating a birth/birthday or happy occasion. It’s funny how life is. It both has its happy and sad moments, and it can happen all at once. It’s easy to forget how fragile life is. In my journal, I’ve been keeping track of all the people I have lost (either personally or through friends), and sadly, I can say that I almost need extra fingers to count them all. But at the same time, I will never forget- I won’t ever let myself.

Rest in peace.