IMG_2031The one absolute thing I love about going on vacation is this: going to sleep and waking up to the stress-free spirit. The thought of “what shall I eat today? Or where shall I head off to today?” rather than carrying the stressful thoughts we normally do when we’re back at home.

This Hong Kong trip was absolutely eye opening. And rather relieving. The 12 hour plane ride was not though. It wasn’t inductive to some shut eye, but the final destination was definitely worth that. For the first 16 days, we stayed at the Ovolo Hotel, which was pretty cozy. There were free drinks, breakfast every day from 7-10 AM, laundry, and happy hour. Although the room was small for three people, it was sufficient to land us a place to sleep and place all of our 7 luggages.

The first thing I immediately thought about this wondrous place was that it was super busy. Regardless of the day and the time, it was busy. All. The. Time. But the buses and trains were so efficient. If only our transit system could be like this.

I pretty much went everywhere in Hong Kong… having dim sum probably about 8 times throughout the course of the 25 days… going to Cheung Chau for a day trip… going to the peak (and having to wait for 1.5 hours to simply get on the tram)… going to Lamma island for seafood… going to the ocean side and buying our own seafood and bringing it to a restaurant to cook… going to Ocean park. Couldn’t ask for more.

We also had a 4 day adventure at Taiwan, which was filled with spectacular views! We rented a taxi for one of the days which enabled us to visit most of the places we wanted to without having to waste time/money on traveling to get to those destinations.

Unfortunately all good things come to an end. Calgary gave us a little ‘welcome home gift’ on the day we landed. Snowing blizzard. Ah, gotta love Canada. I miss the food and the weather.