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IMG_4074I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a ‘cat person’, however, after meeting Kelvin and watching all these cute Youtube videos and browsing through countless kitty pictures made me slowly reconsider. We had talked about eventually getting a dog, but with his current living situation, the condo just wouldn’t allow enough space for a dog/growing puppy. Instead, we had looked into adopting a kitten. We did our homework and went to the Calgary Humane Society a couple times. The first time, we had seen a litter of kittens, however, the ones we were playing with all got adopted already!

When we went on the 23rd of December, we were eagerly hoping that they had a new batch of kittens waiting for us to take one home! Aside from the long line up to wait for registration, there were no kittens in sight. We did however pass by this one room with a cute little 2 year old cat, named Dolly, who had just suddenly peeked her head out, just a tad bit. We played hide and seek a bit, and eventually she came out and stuck her head and paws under the door trying to play with us. When we opened the door, she was so calm and she came rubbing up against us (Yeah… I would prefer to consider that a sign of affection more than territorial marking haha). Nonetheless, she was the cutest and calmest little cat I’ve ever seen. After all the paper work, we decided to bring her home =]. It wasn’t a kitten, but we knew she would be the right fit for us.

Her cute 'superman' pose when she sleeps.

Her cute ‘superman’ pose when she sleeps.

She’s been here for about 6 days now and I would say she’s adjusting fairly well. She has the cutest sleeping pose that we call the “superman pose”. She found the litter box right away, which saved the hassle of us having to really train her. She’s pretty much the epitome of ~the lazy cat~ because she sleeps all day, and well at night, she’s awake but doesn’t necessarily play. Instead, she prefers to serenade us with her voice by waking us up. Perhaps she just wants a little TLC? I don’t know.

She gets afraid at times and that’s when she decides that the bathtub is the best place to hide. She doesn’t growl or hiss, which is a good sign, but then again, it’s very difficult to gauge when she’s angry or frustrated. Whenever we come home, we can be sure to expect that she’s there to greet us with a cute little ‘meow’. I must admit, she did grow on me and she’s the cutest little thing ever.

Welcome to your new home, Mochi <3.