I don’t know if it’s just a personality thing, or if it’s the fact that we both have different takes on how a friendship should be. A friendship should be a two way street. Perhaps our value in this friendship is different. I would text. She wouldn’t respond. I would take the initiative to ask her to go for dinner. She would text back saying any day is okay… only to text me (after I texted to reconfirm) that she couldn’t do that day. And eventually, Friday changed to Monday and Monday changed to Tuesday. I wondered if she would text me before Tuesday to finalize the fact that we were indeed hanging out and the time/location. But of course, I caved in and texted her about that. Still no reply.

It’s just frustrating that after being friends/having known each other for about 12 years, this is what it has come down to. But then again, she has always been like that since University. Time and time again, I always have hope in the fact that maybe, just maybe, some things may change. But ultimately, I realize that some things just don’t change. And I’ll always be the one in the friendship to take the first step… and the next and the next…