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One thing I always wanted to check off my “bucket list” was to go and watch a play. I can gladly say that after tonight, I can do so. I never would have thought that the theatre was so cozy and just… so relaxing. It was a good first experience, and it definitely won’t be my last.

You will remember me. With a title like that, I just couldn’t resist but read the synopsis. And it drew me in immediately. It was about a man who is slowing starting to lose his memory to the terrible disease of Alzheimer’s dementia. It is a telling story about a family, who along with this man, experiences the ups and downs of this disease and how they are affected by it. It’s truly touching, especially when you’re up close to the actors and you can actually see the raw emotions that are simply expressed through their words and actions. And you can’t help but simply feel touched by the way they pour those emotions out and leave it on the stage for you.

As a health care professional, it’s one thing to see a snapshot of that person in that moment in time, but it’s definitely another to be living with someone experiencing such an event. The play brings you to realize how such a disease/illness could take a toll on not only the person, but their family members. But at the same time, the play brings to light that despite this, that there are areas that the person could excel in and that it does not necessarily equate to “being retarded and forgetful”.

Patience. I think that is the one biggest thing to be learned from all this. Realizing that this will be an ongoing process. In the play, they said that if we all remembered how it once was to have loved… then we would be more inclined to keep that love and happiness. But at the same time, new memories could be made with that person despite the illness. It’s just finding a different way to connect… to love… to remember them.