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It baffles my mind how reliant we have become on certain things in society. Technology. The “10 table” diamond. Fashion apparel with brand names fixed on them. Looks. The list could go on and on. I think it’s come to the point where if we did not have these things, we honestly would not know what to do with ourselves. And yes, I am at fault as well. Take technology for instance- we are constantly relying on our phones to connect us with other social beings, either through Facebook or Instagram or Twitter. But when it comes to truly having a heart to heart conversation with someone… that rarely happens. I’m probably more diligent at answering texts than I do phone calls. I remember one day at work, our computer system had completely shut down, and we were sitting there, staring at each other thinking “How do I do my job now?!”.

If only we would just take some time to realize what’s happening around us. It’s quite sad that our society has come to the point where it’s so driven by the aspects of being rich. Apparently if you don’t wear fancy clothes with HUGE BRAND NAMES written all over it and bling so subtly exposed, then you’re not worthy of talking to and/or being helped at  a store. If you don’t buy things from Holt Renfrew then it’s like you aren’t even worthy of being someone in society nowadays. Has it really come down to all this? What happened to having a good personality and being humble?

It’s ironic how some things are. Take yoga and meditation for example. Through these things, isn’t it supposed to help ground you and bring you back to the ‘roots’ of it all? But yet at the same time, some companies have made it so commercial that they’re selling ‘yoga’ attire for $100 a piece. So you’re trying to promote yoga and mindfulness, yet your clothes are so expensive? Hrm. The irony.

It all boils down to this: Taking time to bring it back to the basics of it all. Take away all that glamor and jazz. What’s really important to you? The aesthetics of it all or the extrinsic motivation/acceptance to fit in with other people?

Whatever happened to simplicity?