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As an occupational therapist in the acute care setting, there are so many biases/thoughts that I develop about the system. The biggest pet peeve lately is when I see a “cognitive and/or perceptual assessment” referral. It’s such a general and broad area, where does one even start?! What’s the specific question at hand? Is this referral even appropriate at this point in time in someone’s care while they’re here in the hospital? Since well… they’re probably still not even medically stable. It just frustrates me when I say/believe they’re not medically stable to do these investigations, yet the doctor still wants it done and then on top of that, also request psychiatry to see the patient regarding “capacity”. Argh! With all the pressures of getting people “out the door” and with the limited budget, it’s hard for us all the slow things down and really figure out if some of these things are really important to be dealt with now, or if it could wait until later for a more appropriate time/setting. That’s the biggest struggle I find. But I realize that despite the fact that they want a cognitive assessment done, it does not necessarily mean that you should do it just because they “told you”. If you feel that it’s not appropriate, you should stand up for yourself (and for your patient) and the reason behind it. No one profession think the same and we all have different visions in mind.