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photo-2I always laughed when my mom made this dish, because I always joked it was the only dish she knew how to make. Well, lo and behold, I resorted to making this dish a couple nights ago. Hope you enjoy!


  • Small package of colourful peppers
  • Fish paste
  • Corn starch
  • Oyster sauce

All you have to do is simply cut the small peppers in half. Make sure when you’re cutting it, you’re cutting it in a way that allows for a depth in the pepper half. After you wash them, simply just add a touch of corn starch (to help make the fish paste stick to the pepper). After, simply just add enough fish paste to cover the depth of the pepper. Make sure it covers the surface because you’ll need to be frying it next and you wanna make sure it’s cooked enough. Then add some oil on the frying pan, and away you go! For the sauce, just add some oyster sauce along with corn starch and cold water. Stir, and then when the pan is hot add it in and quickly stir so it gets thicker. When done, simply add it on top of the already fried dish!