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When it comes to the health care system, I think there’s no doubt that they do a good job of taking the top down approach. Imagine the inverted triangle. The people who sit in their chairs from 8:00-4:15 holding meetings and conferences that get paid the big bucks are calling the shots. And it’s up to the thousands of workers at the bottom to carry forward with what they have decided from those meetings/conferences. But the funny thing is… what ever happened to collaboration? What ever happened to the whole “hey, let’s ask our employees what we should do before we tell them what to do and how to do it”.

Okay, with maybe the few exceptions of “let’s look to the public about this”. But the problem is.. they’re STILL missing the employee piece. The frontline staff who actually SEE things put into action. The ones who DO the action itself. Take the first bed policy elimination. Just last Friday, the health system had a knee jerk reaction to the Health Quality Council in regards to families complaining about the first bed policy. It used to be that if your loved one was waiting in the hospital for long term care, they could choose their top 3 desired choices, and would have to go to the first bed available within the 100 km radius. Yes, it sounds very cruel. But it was to ensure a faster discharge from the acute care hospital beds. But now that the policy is eliminated, they get to decline that bed if it is not of their choice/wish. I must admit, if it was my family member, I would be very happy about this. But as a health care professional, I see the other side of things… because I’m one of the employees to help get things moving. Because, like the health care system imposed on us, we need to get people out the door as fast as possible. But now that they eliminated that policy… well, say good bye to some acute care/rehabilitation beds and say hello to long term care. Essentially, all hospitals will be primarily ‘long term care’ in itself… oh… except that these beds are MUCH more expensive. And oh… what about the initiatives we put into action about reducing emergency wait times and surgery times for hip and knee replacements? Well, they’re gone down the drain because there will be limited beds available probably. The system is going to be back clogged and real long term cares are probably going to have some empty beds because people might not want to go there.

It’s ironic how the government/health care are trying to be patient centered and are preparing for the aging of the baby boomer population… and that there is an increased need for improved health care because of that… but what they don’t realize is that this will soon blow up all in their face. But then again… that’s not their problem is it? In the end, they call the big shots, and us little ants at the bottom are here to pick up their garbage and ‘fix’ everything.