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I remember in school, the classes that were about “communication” seemed so petty and stupid at the time. How hard is it to honestly communicate with a few people? I don’t need to know about these things- it’s common sense! Those were my thoughts ruminating through my head throughout those courses. But when you go out into the real world, it’s surprising how common it is for silly miscommunication mishaps occur. It’s much harder than it seems- input… receive… output. But so much can impact those three things. One thing goes wrong, and well, so does everything else it seems. It’s pretty much just a catalyst effect.


I think most of my time spent at work today was clarifying our intentions. At the end of the day, we want what is best for the patient. Yet, our system fails us by putting up these barriers— first bed policy, acute care bed crunch, being over capacity in the emergency/medical department… and so forth. You get the idea. So who is to be punished for it? Our patients. Irony isn’t it? And us, as the workers, are left to deal with the mess. Today we had a mishap at work where we as rehabilitation staff wanted to advocate for further rehabilitation for a patient of ours. We told the charge nurse, and lo and behold, things of course blew out of proportion and well, it went to the managers. So the rest of the time was us trying to resolve that misconstruct and clarify our intentions. It does not help when people become so passive aggressive. Why can’t we just be professional adults about it?! Do things really need to get so petty? It’s pretty much like playing telephone… which we all know end up horribly different than the original message. Like I keep saying, I think the #1 thing we’re good at is miscommunication.