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IMG_3948I remember when a story that once was told to us. It was about a man who had asked God why He did not answer his prayers. But it was not until the end that he realized that they already were answered. It was just that he was expecting something else when really, if he looked a little harder, it was right in front of his eyes.


I have to admit that I have fallen into this mundane routine of every day life. Wake up. Get ready. Go to work. Work. Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. I read a book a while back called “One Thousand Gifts” and from that day I had promised myself to make my own list of 1000 gifts. Of course it’s probably been two years now, and it’s still in the making. However, everyday I still keep track of the small little gratitudes that each day brings in hopes to add it to that list. It makes me stop and truly reflect back on my day. Making me reflect on how I should make the small things count because it makes you realize how much you miss when you keep expecting big things to suddenly happen. Just like that.


Today at work it really hit me… I go into work having the obligation and want to help people, but little did I know I would come out of work reflecting on the little things in life. And I think that’s the beauty of it all. To come out with a different perspective… to come out and realize that at the end of the day, your patients have probably helped you grow as a person. It makes me truly sad to be surrounded by people who may potentially be at the end of their journey in life. But yet, they’re still laughing. Making jokes. But yet realizing the realities of their situation and accepting it with open arms. And it makes you think “At a time like this, how can they still be able to laugh and joke?” but yet they still go through each day with a smile on their face. Happy to just be here and enjoy the time they can spend with their loved ones. One more time.

It really brought tears to my eyes thinking about this case. Cry when you need to cry. Laugh when you want to laugh. Smile when you feel like smiling. It once again reminds me of how each one of us can affect others in the smallest ways. It’s times like these that remind me to open my eyes to everything around me and just stop and take time to reflect on the wonders of what I have. The little gratitudes that life brings you.