I’m sorry I’ve been silent for so long! There hasn’t been much that happened, aside from my Hong Kong trip again, but maybe I’ll update that in the soon to come post! Anyways, my 2015 New Years Resolution of course will be a cliche one: to eat healthier (and eat out less).

IMG_4411I’ve been saving up a few new recipes and I finally got a hold of making some this weekend! The first one I made was the orzo salad with chickpeas, lemon, cucumber, and dill! It was a little on the bland side but definitely infused with some nice subtle flavours of the dill and lemon. I added a bit of cilantro as well. Anyways, to make it look better packaged, I also put it in my cool blue Mason Jars =]. I pretty much love putting everything in mason jars now like: yogurt parfait, my pasta salads, etc. They’re good for anything and everything! IMG_4412

I’ve also made some chocolate zucchini muffins but made them into the smaller sizes so I don’t feel as guilty when I consume more than one or two at a time. They’re good because they freeze well and they last for a while if you put them in the fridge. They make for a great on the go snack when you’re in a hurry! So that pretty much sums up my kitchen adventures for these four days but hopefully there will be more to come in the new year! ^^.