2015 Gratitudes/Happiness Events

Even after a few years, I am still in the works of finishing “1000 gifts”. I thought maybe this might help me to recall some of things if I blog about it.

  • January 10: Spending my birthday with two families together! Many more to come
  • January 18: Going to the wedding fair expo with my friends and having a great time
  • Finalizing our colours and starting to actually plan our wedding! (thank goodness we have 1.5 years + to plan)
  • January 29: Making our down payment for the Chapel at The Wedding Pavillion!!!! First step to our big wedding plans!!
  • February 14: Celebrating our 2.5 years together on Valentine’s Day ❤
  • February 14-15: Having our families help Kelvin and I discuss banquet stuff at two different locations. It’s great to have such a supportive and helpful family!
  • February 16: Going with the friends, mom and mom-in-law to go wedding dress shopping for the first time!!! It’s so scary but fun at the same time!!! I foresee a very long road to find -the- wedding dress.

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