I remember back when I used to still be in school, there didn’t seem much to be going on throughout the year in retrospect. But now that I have entered the “real world” (a.k.a. work force), there seems to have been so much happening around me! 2014 has come and gone and tomorrow will be 2015! Of course there are always those new years resolutions which are bound to be broken, but of course, I like to make them anyways.

1. Eat healthier- which means eating out less and making more food at home along with working out more

2. Being thankful for the simple/small things in every day life

Of course there’s always the thinking back on 2014 stuff… so here’s a recap (more for myself I guess):

  • I finally got a permanent job (yay for health flex spending account benefit!!!). No more needing to find a job anymore
  • Starting to go biking again- bought a road bike and did a 50 km trail along with the trail going from Canmore<–>Banff
  • Road trip with friends to Vancouver for 5 days
  • Going to Hong Kong and Seoul for our first real big trip together
  • Getting engaged in Hong Kong!! ^__^
  • Hearing the wonderful news from friends/family about their engagement
  • Meeting new coworkers who are similar to you in many ways

2015 (and 2016) will definitely be busy as there are 5 anticipated weddings to attend already!!! Yikes! And of course, there is always ours to plan as well, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a BLAST 🙂

Anyways, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! How are you gonna keep tabs on your 2015? I’ve been doing a little “happiness jar” where I write things down of all the happy moments throughout the year so I sure won’t forget them! 🙂