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Working with the geriatric population really has open my eyes to the little things that may normally be overlooked/mistaken. It really puts things into perspective about how we need to treat the person and not the diagnoses. We can all picture that cute little old man/lady who has dementia. But really, how does one even interact with them? I came across an article called, “16 things I would want, if I got dementia“.

It’s a really good short read for people who maybe have family members diagnosed with dementia. They may seem simple but really, it goes a long way. It’s surprising how the way you interact with that person can change everything… from being resistive to pleasant… from being agitated to calm…

A little goes a long way. And who says that once someone has dementia they can’t do anything anymore? They’re still a human being. They can still converse. They can still walk. They can still play cards. It’s just that we have to all be a little creative and find different ways of doing things. That’s all.