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As I just turned 26 about two weeks ago, I reflect on how much time has gone by. It literally seems like yesterday when my friends and I graduated high school… back when I was what? 18?! I can’t believe that’s 8 years ago!!!!! I always like to think I’m still 18 when people ask me how old I am.

Back in high school we always talked about how life would be like for us in the future. How are we going ‘to meet the one’? What jobs are we going to get… What big and amazing adventures we will be on. Now it consists of laughing around the table talking about putting my face on customizable M&M’s for my wedding favours! Some things never change (the joking part amongst our friends). It always feels that once you’re “in the real world” that things fly by so fast… but quite honestly, I can’t be more happy and I can’t be more blessed that everything has worked out so well, timing wise.


We were joking the other day about how you know you’re getting older/growing up when…

  • you buy home appliances from events (i.e. Stampede) and you actually get excited about using it (Cleaning?! I know eh…).
  • an exciting piece of news is that you finally got a garlic press and how much you love it to death.
  • You like to be in bed by 9 PM so you can get 8 or 9 hours of sleep in before work
  • You realize how much effort it takes to make money and you don’t spend it on whatever you want anymore (oh, those days when you got allowances from your parents!)
  • You actually have fights with your significant other about money related issues (yup… it’s pretty much the main topic of our fights)
  • You spend money towards customizing your little nest/home

I know 2015 just started, but there’s so much to look forward to! I’m pretty excited, and so far, the winter has been treating us very nicely here in Calgary! I really can’t complain. But I’m definitely looking forward to summer (which is in 153 days!!). There’s a total of 5 weddings to attend in the span of 2015-2016 (one which is ours!). I’ll definitely keep you all posted! What are you looking forward to?!