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Although it sounds as cliche as it does, I really find this true: You learn something new each day. And to be truthful, sometimes it’s as simple as “oh, I didn’t know you spelt [insert word here] like that”. But there are times when you just get that breakthrough moment when you learn through others…. which is why I love my job.


She’s a little older than her stated age. But she looks very skinny, very mobile, and well, just overall confused. Her friend says she lacks the “normal” skills that people would need to function… such as not having the appropriate social skills or the ability to problem solve through things like you and I can. We talked for a bit while she was sitting on her bed, and suddenly, she became silent, and asked, “Why am I not normal?” and just began to tear up. Normal. What does that word even entail anyways? It’s merely what society has come up with and apparently, what we abide by. But really, the reality of life is all subjective. What you believe is reality is not my reality and vice versa. But we are so set on our ways of needing to distinguish everything.. to make things black or white. When that can’t ever be done. And why should it anyways? Why can’t we just see things for what they are and appreciate it rather than judging something through our eyes and making it “abnormal” because it doesn’t fit our criteria/standards?

She broke my heart when I heard those words. But it made me take two steps back and reflect on things— that there is no such thing as “normal” and that we only perceive things the way that we want to see it through our own lens in our own world. Instead of criticizing other people, just focus on yourself and learn to appreciate the world that you live in. Whichever way you see that as of course.