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IMG_5264This weekend was a weekend well spent camping and exploring many ‘first times’ with my fiancé. We stayed at the Kicking Horse camp site in Yoho National Park (British Columbia). Luckily we arrived just early enough to secure a campsite as it was full not long after! We weren’t really sure where to go in Yoho, so of course, we looked up on Google. Of course, one of the very first suggested trails was the Emerald Lake. And… let me say… it definitely was not a let down. It was absolutely breath taking. I don’t think I ever really had that feeling of wanting to immediately get out of the car and just run to the lake and well… just admire the turquoise water. I pretty much could have stayed sitting on that dock looking out for hours on end if I didn’t have many more adventures planned for that day.

Kelvin and I aren’t really big on canoeing, but just the sight of all those other canoes out there made us want to try it. It was a bit on the pricey side, but I think it was definitely worth it! Thank goodness we did that first because little did we know what the hike had in store for us.


We randomly chose the Emerald Basin hike which was 9.2 km return trip. The initial trail led us to believe it was going to be easier than expected since they deemed it to be “moderate”. However, it definitely proved us wrong when within that one km we had already climbed a couple hundred metres. However, the entire hike was so wonderful and spectacular. I used to think that hiking was really just getting to the end point, but this hike definitely taught me to understand “the means to the end”. The way to/from was just something different- you truly get to experience a walk in the forest/mountains… and feeling almost so alone because you seem so insignificant in comparison to all the big trees/shrubbery you are engulfed in. You end off at a natural rocky amphitheatre where Kelvin and I attempted to climb to the waterfall (but not successful).

We ended off our stroll around the rest of the Emerald Lake shoreline which was in total, a 5.2 km trail roughly. By the time we got back to our campsite to set camp and make food, we were pretty much ready for bed by 8 PM. There’s just something different about spending the weekend in the wilderness that makes you appreciate the beauty of nature.