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Rome“You were right”. Those are the 3 words I think are the hardest to ever admit, verbally, to someone who you never wanted to say it to.  To your parents. To your significant other. To yourself.


Getting older comes with more responsibilities. Going to school. Passing exams. Graduating. Finding a job. Paying bills. Coming home and having to make supper because you no longer live with your parents. Although your ‘work responsibilites’ are finished when the clock strikes 4, you come home and put on another hat of ‘personal responsibilities’ which you are expected to accomplish. It’s times like these were I reflect back on the days of childhood and realize how much I took my parents for granted. Until now. Better late than never, right?

Tonight was actually one of those nights where I heard those 3 words. But it was also one of those nights where I also admitted it. We recently fostered 2 kittens and we were ecstatic. Cuteness overload for sure. But we definitely were not prepared or expecting the amount of work that came with it. Coming home to food pellets all over their kennel. Scraps of food in their water bowl. Litter being kicked everywhere. And as a result, I expected my significant other to clean it up. However, some things I’ve realized is that a.) you can’t expect people (nor should you) to do things b.) it’s probably just easier if you do it yourself than have others do it c.) other people do things on a different timeline than I do. Anyways, it just made me realize that my mom “was right”. Growing up we always wanted a dog, and of course, being my mom as she is, she said no. She said at the end of the day, she would be the one to take care of it. I completely disagreed with her at the time because I thought I was ready to accept that challenge/responsibility of taking care of a dog Whatever “challenge/responsibility” meant (which at the time, to me, was probably just playing and cuddling with it). But I realized what she meant by that sentence…. I think we were caught up on the idea/concept of having kittens because of the cuteness overload. But we undermined the amount of responsibility that it came with.

It’s these little moments in life that actually make me so proud of myself. I’m growing up!! I’m learning the lessons of life and along with it, knowing more about my values and my principles in life. The secret to continuous growth.. taking the time to reflect and take these life lessons to heart. And it’s moments like these that make me truly realize how much my parents have inherently taught me how to ‘grow up’. So mom and dad, thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for me each and every day (without noticeably doing it)! ❤