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The New Year is always a time to start fresh. And of course there’s always the tradition of making New Years resolution(s), whatever that means. I must admit, I am one of those people. I’ve started a new tradition for myself recently in the past couple of years. To make a happiness jar and add to it throughout the year. And at the end of the year (or well this year it’ll be at the beginning), to open and read each and every single thing that you put in that happiness jar. It definitely helps me to appreciate the little things that come in my life… in that moment in time.

So what are my resolutions you ask?

  1. To eat healthier- which means cutting back on the number of times we eat out (I must admit, I am a bad influence and I have my fiancé who is almost too easy to sway).
  2. Try something new- I’ve already signed up for hip hop lessons in the new year which will definitely test my confidence and well, abilities. We’re not much of the winter sports people, but this year, I think we’ll give cross country skiing and snowshoeing a try!
  3. Work out more- No more excuses! Eating healthy goes hand in hand with working out as it is more than just a routine. It has to be a lifestyle change.
  4. Continue to appreciate the small things in life.

I definitely feel that these 4 are always my resolution(s) for ringing in the New Year, but this year, we’re going to add a new twist to it. Every time we “break” the “rule”, we promised to put in $10 to a communal jar. It’ll then go towards our future goal to both participate in the Ride to Conquer Cancer in 2017.

Hope you all have a wonderful start to the New Year!!! ^^