20161122_104434_hdrIt’s amazing how much we take for granted, especially when we become so comfortable in our environment. Things get so ingrained that sometimes things become routine and habit… to the point where we forget how blessed we are.

The beauty of travel is the sense of novelty. Yet, it’s ironic because this sense of novelty also gives me anxiety. Take the simple things, like figuring out the bus to get you from point A to point B. Or not even being able to communicate in the language that is familiar to you. Yet it’s amazing to see these people in their own element… immersed in their own culture and seeing them in their routine.

The month of November was definitely an adventure for me. Going to Seoul for one week and then a few days later heading off to New York City. With already been to Seoul, this trip was definitely familiar to me, but being more comfortable with the people not completely understanding/speaking English. However, New York City was definitely an eye opener. The streets filled with much noise and people, and the efficient transit system. Being surrounded by the amazing architecture was just breath taking.

I love the experience you get from travelling. The friendly people that you meet in passing, whether that’s sharing an uber ride with them, or them trying to help you get through the subway terminal because you weren’t able to scan your metrocard through. And every time I travel, I feel like I’ve found a little more of myself, and that I’ve found another place to call ‘home’.

I found this sentence to really resonate with me- “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things”. It’s so much more than just going somewhere new… it’s truly experiencing it with your mind and your soul, and transforming it to a deeper more meaningful level. I feel so rejuvenated from these two trips within such a short period of time, but I am definitely ready to settle down a bit more at home and just relax with the busy Christmas season coming up. But then again, here’s to more travelling in 2017 🙂