About Me

..I’m currently still in school doing my Masters of Rehabilitation of Medicine in Occupational Therapy..

..I absolutely love to take pictures and eat =). On my free time, I love to go out for a jog and bask in the sunshine when I get the chance..

..My life is rather mundane, but I try to follow the motto of “Laugh. Love. Live“..

Anyways, here are some random little facts about me! 

..1.. I love to eat. I eat whenever I get the chance. I even go to the gym so I can justify my pigging out sometimes because “hey, I went to the gym today, so all those lost calories will be balanced out by the x # of calories I shall intake today with chips and cookies and ice cream!!!!”. Hrm, maybe that’s not so healthy XD. Oh yeah, and my stomach really likes to express when it’s hungry by making super loud noises at super quiet times… =\

..2.. I love to walk. I try to walk whenever I get the chance. I love wandering around and just looking at beautiful scenery. I love the smell of fresh air. And I love to jog, despite my low endurance.

..3.. I’m not going to lie, I love getting weird tan lines, despite how I may complain about how weird it looks. Hey, summer isn’t summer if you don’t have a few tan lines to show for it!

..4.. I love to blog. I’ve always had a LiveJournal account, and when my friend showed me her WordPress blog, I knew I had to try it! I’ve had one on WordPress for school, but not for personal blogs! But here it is! So I hope you enjoy reading it. Oh, and I love to use google docs! I even have a dream blog with my friend. It’s quite fun going back to read your dreams and go “what the heck was my brain thinking?!”.

..5.. I am deathly afraid of spiders! They’re so scary despite their small demeanor and appearance. AH! Whenever I see one, I scream and run away. And when I see one at home, my first reaction is that, and then to scream out for my brother or dad to kill it. And when they don’t? I go out of my way to grab my vacuum lol. I remember one time, there was a spider on the ceiling, and I was stupid enough to climb up on a chair and use a pogo stick (yeah… don’t ask why) to kill it. It obviously backfired on me because the spider had crawled down on it’s little line, near my face, and I fell off the chair. Yeah, let’s stick to using the vacuum from now on.

..6.. I am super clumsy. I trip over my own two feet. I even manage to trip while wearing flats. I remember one time I was crossing the train tracks at downtown and I lost my flat and had to go back to get it LOL. That wasn’t the first time either.

..7.. I am Chinese, so I absolutely love to watch TVB. It’s a must in my life. I don’t know what I would do without it. Actually, that’s how I learned most of my Chinese. Through watching TVB. It’s sad, but hey, as long as it works, right?!

..8.. I like cooking/baking. I’m not necessarily good at it though. But I love trying new things.

..9.. I love to take pictures. Perhaps I’m a slight narcissist at heart. But aside from taking pictures of myself, I love to take pictures with my friends and of nature/scenery. I love trying to capture that special moment that can forever be cherished.

..10.. When I love a song, I LOVEE it. And what I mean by that is, I can listen to that     -one- song on repeat for 100 times. No jokes. Now if I was only -that- dedicated with school haha.

..11.. You don’t understand how much I absolutely LOVE to use sticky notes. I am super crazy about them. I use them whenever I get the chance! They’re so much fun to use!

..12.. Perhaps it’s in my OCPD nature, but I LOVE to make lists! I make lists of things to do, and things I need to buy at the grocery store, and I love to write in my agenda and make schedules of what I need to do. It sometimes even goes down to the hour, so I know how well I’m following it. I love the satisfaction of checking things off when I’m done with that task and it makes me feel so productive! (Which then can justify my pigging out and spending hours watching TVB).

..13.. It’s kind of funny. When I go in study mode, I pull out my sweats and a nice warm sweater and pin up my bangs. I even put up the hood of my sweater and tie the 2 strings together so it’s nice and snug, and whenever I do that, my family and friends always think I look like a hobo =(.

…14.. I love to shop for school supplies. Yeah… maybe I’ll just leave it at that.


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